ManTarA's Transformational and Empowerment 

Support Community

If You are ready to commit to your own Transformation and You feel a connection to ManTarA and their work, then We are here to encourage, support and help you realise your Transformation into the Authentic Divine Empowered Being that You are.

This ongoing subscription paid monthly or annually will provide you with:

Access to a 90min monthly Live Group Light Language Call on a pertinent topic.

Access to a 120min Live Group Q&A Call every month for you to ask any questions or requests.

Access to Weekly 30min Live Group Meditation Call

365 days  of Remote Energy Support to hold you in a space of nurture and care and comfort while you are undergoing the process of Transformation. The support is intended to be there for you 24hours a day and is anchored in to the field with half an hour of intentionally channeled Light Language each day

Access to a private Face Book support group just for members of this community with weekly live streaming of current information and energy processes and clearings and a library of past Light Language calls.

A 50% discount off all sessions on ManTarA's store and 33% discounts on most other programs and products as they are developed and launched.

Preferential email support from Matt and ManTarA

By investing in this subscription for yourself, you are making a commitment to yourself that you are ready to own your transformation and as a result your energies of transformation will naturally be enhanced. As you invest in yourself you will be rewarded with the interest, and instead of just wanting Transformation you will be Choosing it. We are here for you, committing to support you as you negotiate the releasing of all that does not serve you and We are committing to facilitating and encouraging you to become the Divine Light that you are.

While it is our intention to have you commit for at least a year to this program you can of course cancel at any time no questions.

So there are two options for the investment:

Either $33.33NZD per month

Or $333.00NZD per year 

Now we will point out that we have kept the price very low for this offer considering the level of support we are providing, to account for those who are financial challenged. If you feel it would benefit you to make a more significant investment in yourself, and you have the means to do so, you are welcome to add to the energy exchange at any time via the donation button at the bottom of the shop page.