The Bright Light Activation Course


A Comprehensive Activation for Light workers, Healers, Coaches, Facilitators of Transformation, New Paradigm Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Revolutionaries.


Receive the energetic life tools to shine your Light in the world, happily embrace being seen, and begin to live life confidently and with purpose.


Step in to your Authentic Power, and do what you came here to do…with Joy!


This course is for those of you who know you are here to make a difference and are willing to allow the process of transformation to strip away your limitations so that you can authentically shine out as that beacon of Light.

No matter what your aspirations, this course will help you release all that has been holding you back, and give your confidence the boost you need to continue taking positive action steps in your chosen direction.

We intend to facilitate an increase in your intuitive abilities, and an increase in your confidence in your intuitive abilities. We will also give you the practical tools and knowledge to work in partnership with spirit and your Higher Self to facilitate change and evolution in a fun and rewarding way on this plane.

ManTarA is not going to set rules, protocols and methods that you must follow but rather they are going to empower you to work in a way that feels natural to you, whilst incorporating whatever methods you feel serve you and anyone you are facilitating for.

The course will be delivered primarily via 9 weekly group calls that will combine elements in both English and Light Language to allow ManTarA in their unique style to work with each member of the group within the group as a whole to facilitate the intended individual outcomes. Specifically clearing out the energetic discordance and releasing the fears from your field that have been preventing you from stepping up into your purpose and shining your Light.

At the completion of this course it is our intention to have given you way more than just the intellectual information on how to open to your intuitive abilities and step into your authentic power, although that will be part of it. We are going to help you strengthen your ability to facilitate transformation in a confident way that is in alignment with your Authentic Being.

We will cover the following, and much more, as ManTarA works in the now moment, throughout the course, (and its not in any order):

  • Owning your intuitive gift 
  • Developing a relaxed awareness of your evolving Soul Purpose
  • Holding rock solid Intentions
  • Self care, on all levels.
  • Energetic protection ManTarA style
  • Get out of your own way and be confident to speak from your intuitive Heart, with an empowered voice.
  • Busting out of the “Training Trap.” You are capable right now to be that agent for transformation.
  • Client care; holding Compassionate Space for another to feel safe enough to choose transformation, without sacrificing yourself.
  • Learn to use the tools and modalities you may already have available to you in an authentically individual and empowered way.
  • How to Use tools, props, and aids in an empowered way.
  • Calling in aligned clients. It’s not about what you do. It’s about Who You Are. Confident to be Authentic.
  • Letting go of the need to please your clients (or anyone else in your life). So you can bring through what will serve them. Managing expectations.
  • Taking You to the next level of Trusting Yourself
  • Getting Paid to be You
  • Clearing your discordant energies around being paid to facilitate transformation
  • Law of energy exchange
  • Supporting you on all levels in overcoming your fear and taking those inspired action steps towards realising your current Purpose.


The course includes 2 personal 1 hour sessions with us.

The first session will ideally happen before the first call, so together we can help you find clarity with what direction your higher guidance is urging you to take. And also to identify and start clearing the energetic discordance and limiting belief systems that have been creating the resistance to you moving in that direction. 

And it will most likely serve you for the second personal session to happen about midway through the course so we can help you stay on track with what is clearing out and fine tune were you are going and what action steps need to be taken.

Additional personal sessions can be purchased at 50% discount on the list price from the time you purchase this course through till the end of October. 

The group calls will be about 120min each and will include time for Q&A and interaction at the end, they will all be recorded complete with all energy intact, so it is not necessary to attend all of the calls live. Most calls will be held at 10am on Monday in NZ that is 3pm Sunday in US and 9pm in UK, Although the times may vary slightly as we negotiate the changing of daylight savings time across all countries involved.


The first call of this course will take place on the 18/19th February 2018, and run for 9 weeks. last call is proposed for the 15/16th April. Feel free to email and register your interest in partaking in this course in the future if the above dates don't work for you. 


There will also be a separate private Facebook group for the participants of this group only, and, as is my nature, that will no doubt be a treasure trove of content and support from us, as well as a great way for you to link up and support each other and share your progress and your challenges to post your goals and maintain accountability for the steps you need to take.


Members of this group will be receiving a more potent individually tailored remote energetic support daily throughout the duration of the course to help facilitate their progress in a comfortable way.

However ultimately all transformation is up to you, its your choice, your choice how dedicated you are to the process, how disciplined you are with your own mind, how open you are to receive and embody the Love and the Light that we supply, how willing you are to experience and then release the discordant or dark energies as they come up from within you to be released. No one can do that choosing for you.

Your investment of $2700 NZD (approx. $1950 US) is to participate in this course and receive our energetic facilitation, motivation, and support, to uncover and activate the Empowered Being that’s trapped beneath your fears and doubts.

Now… some of you will be thinking, ‘there is absolutely no way I can afford that,’ and others of you will be thinking ‘wow that’s a bargain,’ and some of you may be thinking both, and we can understand all of that.

It is true that other similar, or even less transformative, courses are available out there with a much higher price tag on them, but we are looking to keep our work accessible to as many who are drawn to work with us as possible, but at the same time we are aware that a fair energy exchange is required for you to gain the full benefit of the level of transformation we are intending to facilitate for you. And to that end we are happy to receive a donation from any of you at any time that feel you would benefit from investing more with us for your transformation.


And so for those of you who are in the “no way can I afford that” camp but you really feel this offer calling to you, we would first advise you to feel into your Heart and open yourself up to the knowing of whether this course is going to take you towards what you truly desire for yourself. Beyond the desperation of getting out of your current situation, beyond the next shiny toy syndrome, we are intending to work with those of you who are committed to doing what it takes to stand up and be that beacon of Light and to share their Love and passionate message or just Beingness with the world in an empowered authentic natural way. So if that is you, take a breath allow yourself to release the contraction of  “I can’t afford that” and open your self to the possibility that you can allow this to happen for you. We are open to payment plans, reach out and contact us, we are here to support you in making this happen for yourself.

What if you are unsure if you are capable of being a “light worker” or any other title you think you need to own, what if you are not gifted at all? Will this course be right for you? Well you most definitely are gifted of that there is no question. If we are a good fit for each other is a valid question, and to be honest we are not looking to take people into this course who do not resonate with us because it will not be fun for either party. So if you are unsure, but sincerely interested, we are happy to set up a short chat to clarify if this course will suite you and your objectives. (Note: that this is a consultation about the course not a free healing session.)


Now, what about all the other fears, doubts, and resistances that are coming up to dampen down your initial enthusiasm for this offer that felt so right, so expansive, so exciting at first?  Yes welcome the club, lol, it seems that whenever an opportunity for big growth comes along so do all the fear-based resistances to taking that step.


Matt knows as well as anyone how debilitating those fears of expansive change can be, and also how cunning the mind can be at justifying the validity of those fears. Releasing a good portion of those fears and installing robust processes for dealing with this issue is an ongoing dance and we are here to support you with that.  Learning how to release the fear that comes up with progress is an important pillar of this course, and it will set you up for continual expansion as your purpose evolves.


For now, we would invite you to take a deep breath and just enquire from your Heart whether any of the resistance you are feeling is a valid reason for not doing the course. And depending on how you go working through that you are most likely just going to need to employ a degree of courage and choose to press on regardless.  If you feel you need someone to help you find clarity, send me an email and I will do my best, again I am happy to schedule a chat to help you get that clarity.


"Matt and ManTarA's Bright Lights Course was magical. 

The group that came together become like a family, very supportive and in tune with each other. We started a journey together and finished together. When the course ended we still connected on a deep supportive level that was very nourishing, uplifting as we all rode the waves of evolution together. 

Matt as the captain of the ship/group/course was instrumental in facilitating deep shifts with each of us, and he held a loving space and was always available to walk us through things that came up in our lives. I came to the course with a lot of baggage and deep wounds, which got chipped away by the container of this course. And I now find myself stepping forward into my dream of being visible as a successful facilitator in a very exciting way.

I highly recommend this course for those who are dedicated to your own transformation, and be willing to overcome your resistances to change.

Matt is awesome in that he is always there to help and has a big heart, usually over gifting in many ways via time and efforts for his clients, and also brings in the 'funfactor' to help with the process."

Michelle  Radiant Soul Alchemist & Empowered Divine Love Facilitator

"This program, I took when you first opened it, has been one of the most transformative experience I went through. My own channelling gifts soared and it launched a full year of creativity, while receiving my own processes in my own Light Language. And though there is still for me a way to go before I can open my own healing practice, through your ongoing support with this particular container, and the powerful group that we built, I feel deeply cared for, and held in support, through every challenge that arose, celebrating every success and surprise; and through the follow up and some of your other packages, I manifested a financial path for my job transition that seems achievable.

I wanted to share how deep this empowerment has been for me as I can't wait to see what this experience will inspire in others. And this was 18 month ago, it still bears fruit for me, and now your own facilitation gifts have grown even further and the strength of your energetic container will be all the more powerful."

Scylliane Mohan, Teacher and Energy Coach