The Beacon of Light Mentorship Program

A Powerful Mentorship Program for Light workers, Healers, Coaches, Facilitators of Transformation, New Paradigm Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Revolutionaries.


Establish and ground in the energetic life tools to intensify your Light in the world, happily embrace being seen as the Beacon of Light, and to live life confidently on your purpose.


This is an opportunity for a few committed individuals to receive ManTarA’s unique Transformational Light Language Sessions, personalised to you on a consistent basis to expedite your energetic evolution into that authentically confident, happily visible, high vibrational, Being of Light that you have come here to be.


EnJoy our ongoing support and encouragement to consistently take bold action steps on the path of shining out bright, and navigate the process of releasing the layers of resistance and fear with ease and confidence.

The mentorship program will be a 12 month commitment that includes the Bright Light Activation Course when it happens, and all programs and offerings of a lower price that we produce during the year to ensure you follow through and embrace your role as the Beacon of Light, with a huge amount of one on one support, a lot of hand holding, and perhaps a bit of backside kicking, when appropriate, to help you move forward on your path and embody the Light of your Higher Self.

This program is different from many mentorship or life/business coaching relationships that are on offer out there in the market place. The relationship that we are proposing here is not just between your egoic personality self and Matts egoic personality self, but rather when you agree to work in this deeper way with ManTarA you have to understand that they are working in collaboration with your Higher Self, so in effect ManTarA and Matt are the channel by which you are agreeing to mentor with your Higher Self. 


We are Facilitators of Transformation, so rather than focusing on fixing your problems from an external perspective, ManTarA and your Higher Self are going to work together to release the energies from within your field so that you transform from the inside out and you just outgrow your old problems and limitations. To be honest, (and you can count on us being honest with you), it is not usually such a pleasant process, as those energies that are released from deep within you are usually felt and experienced as they come to the surface to be released. But to offset that discomfort as you progress there is an amazing sense of freedom that begins to emerge as you experience this process working and you realise that you can, and will, become truly Authentic in Your Light.

So the big question you have to ask yourself before embarking on such a relationship is, are you willing to surrender to your Higher Self? Are you willing to allow your mental egoic desires and beliefs to evolve into alignment with your Higher Self? Are You ready to Trust that your Higher Self will lead you into a Life that will be truly Satisfying, Joyous, and Authentic? And are you willing to maintain your commitment to the process when the going gets unpleasant?

The other thing that we must make clear is that despite the powerful process that ManTarA will consistently facilitate for you, your results are in your hands, You must take ownership of your choices, and your dedication to your transformation, we cannot choose for you, and we cannot control what you choose to habitually think about, it is ultimately up to you.

Okay, so the nuts and bolts of mentoring with us.

We are asking for a 12 month commitment to start with, as transformation takes time, and we are committed to seeing huge improvements in your life.

You can start this program at any time.And you will be included in the Bright Light Activation course when it happens. We will then work with you in more specific detail the aspects of that program that most pertain to your objectives. You will also have free access to all other lower priced programs or products that we produce while you are mentoring with us.

We will provide you with 30 hours of personal session time over the 12 months. How you choose to use that time is to be decided between us as we progress. Usually we will spend more time together at the start of the engagement and it will taper off as we progress. But as a general guideline we would like to meet for one hour sessions every fortnight throughout the 12 months, that still leaves plenty of extra sessions, maybe some at 30min, in between as together we choose.

As part of our commitment to you we will be holding space, via remote energy support, for your highest level of transformation with as much as ease grace and comfort as possible.

You have email access to us always and we will respond as soon as practical usually with 24 hours.


What you can expect of our sessions together:

  • You can expect us to be open, honest, and candid with you. 
  • You can expect us to be totally committed to your transformation, the agenda of your Higher Self, and ultimately your happiness and success.
  • You can expect your stuff to be held confidential.
  • You can expect to be held in a very compassionate space of Love as we work together.
  • You can also expect to be regularly challenged egoicly as we shine a spotlight on what you believe, with what your motivations are, and how you habitually act. You can expect to have your buttons pressed.
  • You can expect a roughly 50/50 mix of English and Light Language in each session
  • You can expect to see your shadow self, dark stuff and feelings you would rather not admit you have carried, as it comes up to release.
  • You can expect to be amazed at what we intuitively know about you. 
  • You can expect to have some amazingly expansive experiences, out of your mind, during the light language sessions. 
  • You can expect to get home work, and you can expect to be stretched out of your comfort zone. We will use working towards external goals as a mechanism to initiate internal transformation.
  • You can expect to be surprised as ManTarA works in unexpected ways to help you release your stuff and evolve.



So the financial investment we ask from you is $12k NZD (a little under $9k US) for 12 months of mentorship services from ManTarA and Matt. With our commitment to take you as far as you are willing to go, to receive our energetic facilitation, motivation, and support, to uncover and activate the Empowered Being that’s trapped beneath your fears and doubts, and help you take those inspired action steps and allow your external world to change to reflect the Being you Choose to Become.

To if you are interested in pursuing this opportunity further then please reach out to us via email ( and we can set up a time to speak together. During that conversation we will be able to help you become clear on the goals, (both tangible and energetic), you are looking to achieve, the necessary steps and growth you will have to make to get there. We can then together asses whether ManTarA and I can effectively help you achieve those goals and whether we are a good fit to work together in this way.

Now… some of you will be thinking, ‘there is absolutely no way I can afford that,’ and others of you will be thinking ‘wow that’s a bargain,’ and some of you may be thinking both, and we can understand all of that.

It is true that other mentoring programs are available out there with a much higher price tag on them, but we are looking to keep our work accessible to as many who are drawn to work with us as possible, but at the same time we are aware that a fair energy exchange is required for you to gain the full benefit of the level of transformation we are intending to facilitate for you. And to that end we are happy to receive a donation from any of you at any time that feel you would benefit from investing more with us for your transformation.

And so for those of you who are in the “no way can I afford that” camp but you really feel this offer calling to you, we would first advise you to feel into your Heart and open yourself up to the knowing of whether this mentoring program is going to take you towards what you truly desire for yourself. Beyond the desperation of getting out of your current situation, beyond the next shiny toy syndrome, we are intending to work with those of you who are committed to doing what it takes to stand up and be that Beacon of Light and to share their Love and passionate message or just Beingness with the world in an empowered authentic natural way. So if that is you, take a breath allow yourself to release the contraction of  “I can’t afford that” and open your self to the possibility that you can allow this to happen for you. We are open to payment plans, reach out and contact us, we are here to support you in making this happen for yourself.

Now, what about all the other fears, doubts, and resistances that are coming up to dampen down your initial enthusiasm for this offer that felt so right, so expansive, so exciting at first?  Yes welcome to the club, lol, it seems that whenever an opportunity for big growth comes along so do all the fear-based resistances to taking that step.

Matt knows as well as anyone how debilitating those fears of expansive change can be, and also how cunning the mind can be at justifying the validity of those fears. Releasing a good portion of those fears and installing robust processes for dealing with this issue is an ongoing dance and we are here to support you with that.  Learning how to release the fear that comes up with progress is an important pillar of working with ManTarA, and it will set you up for continual expansion as your purpose evolves.

For now, we would invite you to take a deep breath and just enquire from your Heart whether any of the resistance you are feeling is a valid reason for not choosing this program. And depending on how you go working through that you are most likely just going to need to employ a degree of courage and choose to press on regardless.  If you willing to press on then send me an email, (, and we will set up a time to talk.