Mexico March 2019 

Welcoming Abundance into your Life

March 2nd - 8th 2019

Naturally you live in a truly Abundant Universe, ever expanding, in infinite ways, beyond what your human mind can ever comprehend. Potentials and possibilities, the opportunities for each of you are endless, and inherently unlimited.

However that is not the external reality that most of you exist in from day to day. The struggle to prosper or even to simply survive is a heavy burden that sucks the Joy out of your life.

But what if it does not need to be that way?

Your success is closer than you think.

Beneath the confusion of thoughts and emotions that plague your daily existence, there is a place inside of you that knows that the key to your success is not found in working harder, or trying to get it “right”, deep inside you know that you are worthy to receive every happiness that the universe can deliver in abundance. And you are right.

So, allow the uplifting energies of spending a week on retreat in a truly magical part of the world, surrounded by nature, and immersed in the intentionally transformational energies that Matt and ManTarA hold for the group, to facilitate the perfect conditions for you to let go of what is limiting your experience of abundance, so that you can more easily access your deeper wisdom, and authentic confidence, and then start to manifest prosperity and happiness on all levels with abundance.

Come and embrace your inner passion, connect with the higher aspects of yourself, and allow your purpose to rise into the Light. Bring your concerns, desires, your dreams and your goals, to this week and accelerate the pace of  your healing, and transformation into new levels of abundance and passionate, purposeful, Joyful living.


What you can Expect  

During this intimate retreat you will have an exceptional level of support for welcoming abundance into your life and embracing a new empowered way of being. 

Some of the highlights of this retreat will include: 

  • Profound wisdom channelled from ManTarA to answer your questions and requests directly during the interactive discussions in a small group settings, as we work intentionally to facilitate your transformation.
  • Access to deep levels of your consciousness via meditative experiences assisted by ManTarA’s Light Language that will change your perspective of yourself in an empowering way, and lubricate and accelerate your process of physical, mental, and emotional, healing. 
  • Everything will be taken care of, so you can relax into your transformational experience, without any concern of what you need to do.
  • Uplifting experiences during nature based excursions in the tropical jungle and on the private white sand beaches.
  • Awesome Yoga classes at an appropriate level for you led by Marie to help the integration of the transformational energies in the your body.  
  • Enjoying healthy, high vibrational, delicious food  in the company of our like minded group
  • Spending time just kicking back with Matt and Marie with relaxed and candid conversations as the week flows along. 
  • Trips into the local laid back town to enjoy the culture, food, and the sunset
  • Having plenty of time for self-reflection and self-care. Laze in a hammock, swim in the ocean, or receive a massage.
  • A 20min hands on private session with Matt,ManTarA.
  • MP3 recordings of all meditations, group discussions, and Light Language sessions, that you can download after the retreat.




The pristine setting for; Welcoming Abundance into your Life with ManTarA retreat is the Tailwind Jungle Lodge 

This family owned and operated retreat centre was Mexico’s first certified sustainable eco-lodge. It is carefully situated in the jungle on a stunning piece of Pacific coast with the family’s commitment to natural living and sustainability, coupled with their support of the local community. The lodge's creatively designed, tree-house like bungalows, palapas and casitas are nestled amidst 5 acres of truly stunning jungle ridges descending to breath-taking beaches of white sand. The lodge is located on a spectacular coastline, just north of the charming town of San Pancho in the state of Nayarit, Mexico




This slice of paradise will be the perfect setting to support and inspire all who are dedicated to their spiritual transformation and personal development. Your registration includes 6 nights of accommodation in a room style of your choice, (depending on availability, first in, first choice), to suit your budget and preference. Tailwind has a collection of 6 different creatively designed units - bungalows, palapas and casitas, all of which are perched on the hillside to minimise environmental impact. The lodge is nestled amidst the palms and offers a variety of jungle and ocean views. Each unit offers a unique jungle experience. See below for descriptions of the various options. With more information about the rooms can be found here , and if you are unsure of what would best suit you just ask;


Dinning & Food 

Prepare to be treated with gourmet vegetarian cuisine with some fresh seafood options throughout the week. Included with the retreat is a full three meals daily prepared by our private chef using local ingredients and Mexican flair. Each room has a kitchen or kitchenette with refrigerator for you to store and prepare additional food as to your requirements


Walking Trails

Take a hike to the beach! This pristine beach is only accessible by foot or by water. Follow a meandering jungle trail approx. 15 minutes to access to the beach. The hike is worth it! This secluded beach will take your breath away and also offers a special kind of clay/mud (bentonite) that is great for the skin, a natural spa!

Other options include a 5 mile loop trail that takes you along spectacular jungle ridges, past an orchid plantation, through groves of mango and avocado trees. Gaze up at giant strangler fig trees, check out the wildlife and savour breath-taking vistas! Hiking maps are available to all guests of the Tailwind Jungle Lodge. Comfortable walking shoes are recommended.


Yoga in the Jungle

Yoga in the jungle is bliss. Gaze up at the palms, listen to the sound of the waves, breathe deeply and reconnect with your body in this unique natural place perched on a

stunning jungle hillside overlooking the ocean, this is truly a magical spot for yoga & meditation .




Traveling to the Retreat

Tailwinds is located just a few minute drive just north of San Pancho (official name San Francisco), Nayarit, Mexico, approximately 30 miles north of the city of Puerto Vallarta.

It is recommended that you fly into the Puerto Vallarta International Airport (PVR), which is in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. The trip to tailwinds is about a 1 hour drive north of the Puerto Vallarta airport on highway 200, a taxi can easily be arranged.

More information here

Retreat Package Includes:

6 nights at Tailwind Jungle Lodge 

Three meals daily prepared by our private chef using local ingredients and Mexican flair.

Morning meditations with Light Language

Daily yoga practice (all levels welcome) all yoga mats, bolsters, blocks and belts provided

Full program of interactive discussions and Light Language Transformational sessions

All transport during retreat

Jungle walks

Access to private beach (15 min hike)

Trip to San Pancho for dinner & sunset

Soaking pool

Trip to farmers market

Time for relaxation and reflection

One-on-one 20 min personal session with ManTarA

All meditations, teaching, and Light Language sessions will be recorded and available for download.

Your facilitators:

Matt and Marie Andrews 

Matt(ManTarA) and Marie (Kapiti Yoga) have facilitated retreats in New Zealand, Australia and Bali for many years. Their enthusiasm and passion for conscious living, facilitating expansive growth, and their down-to-earth approach promises a journey of learning, transformation, inspiration and Joy. Together they offer a wealth of experience and are teaming up to co-create a truly unforgettable experience.

Not included in the package: 

International Airfares to Puerto Vallarta (PVR) Mexico

Round-trip airport transfer to/from Tailwind Jungle Lodge

Travel and Cancellation Insurance

Airport transfers





$1800 - $1950 USD depending on accommodation choice (see below)

Only 16 places available based on twin share rooms

$400 USD non-refundable deposit will secure your place. 

Balance to be paid by 15 January 2019 (payment plans are available)

To register, please email: 


 Casita Pumita (4 people, 2 bedrooms)

$1,950.00 US / person
“Casita” – shared two story jungle lodge
Separate beds (or king)
Hot showers, flushing toilets (2 bathrooms)
Tree top and ocean view
Rooftop terrace
Full kitchen

 Palapa Tigre (2 people couple only)

$1,900.00 US / person
“Palapa Tigre” – traditional open air jungle lodge with palm leaf roof
1 queen bed
Hot shower, flushing toilet

Full kitchen shared with Palapa Geko
Tree top & jungle view

Close to dining Area and pool


 Palapa Gecko (2 people couple only)

$1,900.00 US / person
nested among the jungle trees
1 queen bed
Hot shower, flushing toilet
Close to dining area and pool


Palapa Parota (2 person)

$1,850.00 US / Person

Essence of jungle living,  treehouse type feel

Separate beds (or king)

Hot shower, composting toilet



Casita Tejone (4 people, 2 bedrooms)

$1,800.00 US / person (upstairs/ladder)

$1,850.00 US / person (downstairs)

“Jungle Loft” – natural hideaway with palm leaf walls and roof
Adventurous ladder access to top bedroom
Separate beds (or king)
Hot shower, composting toilet (1 bathroom)
Nestled among the jungle trees, secluded retreat


Bungalow Chiche (2 people)


$1,800.00 US / person
“Safari style” – luxury tent on large treetop wooden platforms
Separate beds (or king)
Hot shower, composting toilets
Private hammocks & beach access

Options: for Single rooms and off site accomodation are available, just ask.

If you are having trouble choosing please just email us and we can help you. 

Feedback from the last retreat we just held in Bali:

"The retreat in Bali with ManTarA, Matt, Marie and our group is an experience I won't forget for 2 Reasons:

#1-Paradise.  From the breath-taking views at our lodge, a magical waterfall experience, a very powerful and palpable water cleaning ceremony, to some of the most incredible food I've ever tasted, we were soaking in high vibrations the whole time, which allowed for even intense and powerful daily energies of ManTarA to become integrated with ease and grace. 

#2- Arriving at the retreat I felt burned out, lacking passion for what I did, and unclear of how to move forward in my relationship and career. A mere week later I left the retreat feeling incredibly empowered, supported and confident in moving forward.  

Even now, about a month later I'm finding that money and clients are flowing to me nicely, I am excited about "putting myself out there", feel connected and aligned with my passion and my relationship with my partner has opened up to a surprisingly new level of growth and intimacy. Thank you, Matt, Marie, and ManTarA for inspiring and empowering me to live a life of balance, space and allowance for all of these wonderful things to unfold."

~Jen, Virginia. 

“It was an extraordinary experience for me to be on a retreat led so effectively by a married couple.  The organisation of the elements as a daily theme with yoga and light language was profoundly transformative. The retreat centre truly was an oasis, and I was amazed that everyone at the retreat stayed in health and harmony throughout the program.  

It is safe to say that Matt and Marie under promised and over delivered.  It was a generously high value experience at a very reasonable cost.  The excursions and group experience were also very supportive and powerful.”

Demetria, California