Retreats with ManTarA

Retreats offer a fantastic opportunity for deep transformation. Taking yourself out of your normal life and immersing yourself in a new unfamiliar environment with specific intentions and the power of a group container and comradeship is always a powerful catalyst to promote change at the deepest level in your energy fields and thus in your life.  


The continuity of energetic facilitation, without the distraction of your daily life, allows ManTarA to work more intensively with your Higher Self to achieve the energetic changes that will better facilitate the results that you are intending to achieve. And of course, being in that retreat environment, where you are completely looked after, pampered and nurtured, removed from your problems and your struggles, allows you to relax physically, mentally, emotionally and thus energetically, so that those changes can happen more quickly and gracefully.


We Love Retreats, and we would Love to Treat you to a Retreat with Us.  

The next retreat that we have planned is in Magical Bali, 29th April - 5th May 2018. Click Here for more information.