Our Services 

ManTarA Support Group

One of the most foundational and cost effective ways you can make use of our services is to join the ManTarA Transformation and Empowerment Support Community. If you in anyway feel in alignment with the space we facilitate with the Light Language then I urge you to really consider joining the community and allowing yourself to receive our ongoing support. More info is Here.

Recorded Sessions

From time to time we feel inspired to bring through sessions that will be beneficial and relevant to the wider audience. These are recorded to mp3 complete with their embedded energies for you all to enjoy. Recorded sessions can be in English or Light Language or a combination of both, and you can browse the current selection in our shop


Personal Recorded Sessions 

These sessions are channeled through to meet the requirements of a particular individual. The energies that are brought through are intended to evolve with the individual till the objectives of the session are met.


Personal Live 1on1 Sessions

In person with us here on the Kapiti Coast of New Zealand, or via phone or Skype. These sessions will facilitate the ideal environment for you to choose to expand past those limitations that have held you out of your Joy. Quite often we bring through intuitive guidance to support with grounding the expanded perspective into your regular life. We use crystals and Ascended Master portal cards to enhance the experience.

This is an opportunity to have ManTarA address your personal issues or limitations and have specific energies brought forth to assist you in expanding into your greater potential. 


 Live Group Sessions

A channeled Angelic Light Language Session offered to groups of people live with ManTarA. We work with the individuals present as well as the group as a whole to facilitate a transformational experience for you, empowering you to choose to expand out of what has been limiting you, and into what you desire to embody. We offer two calls every month phone or internet and you can learn more about them here. We also hold an in person sessions locally here in NZ. Check out the upcoming events to find out when and where we are running these sessions.


We love to support others in an ongoing and committed way as they progress on their evolutionary path of stepping up in a bigger way to be more of themselves and allow that bigger self to make an impact in the world in a very authentic and natural way.

No matter what your goals or big out come might be, we can help you navigate the path to getting their in the most aligned, natural and ideally relaxed way as possible. More info on this service can be found here

ManTarA Retreats

Treating yourself to a retreat is one of the quickest and most powerful ways to achieve a big transformation in your life. Investing in yourself is always powerful, but investing in a retreat experience has the benefits of removing you from your current normal life situations and immersing yourself with like minded people in a very catalytic and intentional space to inspire and support that transformation. ManTarA is encouraging me to offer more of these opportunities all over the world, check out the current options here and keep an eye out for new opportunities as they arise.

Private Group Sessions and Retreat Facilitation 

We can also come as a guest to your event and compliment your program, either physically or more likely via Skype. So whether you are holding a retreat, or a regular support group, or Master Mind group, if you feel that including some powerful energy work in the form of ManTarA's Light Language would add value for your participants we would love to discuss that with you. Please email us mantara@mantara.nz. 

"My heart is so full of love and gratitude for the magic that Matt and ManTarA created while providing a powerful group session for the retreat I was leading in March. Having had amazing clearings and openings personally with the dynamic duo Matt and ManTarA, I decided to invite the “team” to co-create a portion of the retreat I was leading… I gave the names of each participant prior to the assigned session time and each person felt that they were addressed personally …truly magical…. 

At the beginning Matt intuitively spoke to the exact pieces that I had addressed in my teaching and then the hour of Light Language just opened the energy fields even more…My students are still speaking about the power and depth of healing that took place. Matt’s authenticity and Joy comes through each time I have connected with him …there is power, Love and Joy in this work !!!…"

Elizabeth Tuttle, Energy Alchemist.