The name ManTarA refers to both my Higher Self and the group of beings that I channel. This group is of a very pure angelic nature and from a high vibrational plane and I, as the physical conduit to this plane, have worked together with them for many earth lifetimes. 

We are ManTarA and we are here to facilitate expansion on all levels. We work with energetic light codes to enable and support individuals to expand out of their limiting thoughts, beliefs and behaviors. We use energetic light codes to rewrite and activate an individual’s divine blue print and to ground it in through the energetic, mental, emotional and physical bodies.

We transmit the energy that facilitates these expansions in the form of intention, hands of light, and verbal light language. We also hold an energetic space in the quantum field that allows other beings of high light and pure intent to connect with and transmit energies for the highest good of the individual. Typically these others include Ascended Masters, Archangels, and so called extraterrestrial beings.

We experience great Joy in witnessing, and sharing in, the blossoming of the individuals who choose to work with us.  

Matt Andrews

My spiritual path has been predominately one of disciplined yoga and meditation practice, including the path of selfless service and devotion. While I have traveled to India and Europe many times for instruction and inspiration, I have for the most part lived, worked and raised a family in our western society. I have been teaching yoga and meditation since 1998 and with my wife Marie currently own and run Kapiti Yoga, here in New Zealand.

Through these yogic practices I have purified myself, strengthened my awareness and elevated my own vibrational frequency. This has allowed me to connect in with my Higher Self and re-establish my relationship with ManTarA. Piece by piece I have remembered how to channel the divine energy through my hands, effectively use intention, and to verbally channel the light language prayers and activations. Of course this is an ongoing and evolving process with no end, and yet each step provides a deeper and more profound experience of Joy and satisfaction.  

I am a Conscious Channel and because of the energetic alignment between us, and the history of our relationship, I can slip very easily and comfortably in and out of channel whether in English or Light Language. It’s a very natural process for me now and regularly happens spontaneously to bring through energies to balance a situation. 

Facilitating Transformation is my greatest Joy and passion, and I am now fortunate to spend my days realising that intention through a variety of opportunities and media. And yet I am also a well grounded, relatively normal guy, with lots of life experience with raising a family and interacting in our society.  

Light Language 

The Light Language that we utilise is a form of ancient angelic prayer. Quite often it is just energy and it has no translatable meaning. It comes through with a very rhythmic, repetitive, hypnotic tempo and acts to shake out the density, darkness and discordance from all the bodies of the individual, allowing the freedom to expand. Light Language bypasses the intellectual mind and communicates directly with the Soul, Heart and physical body of the recipient. We work in deep with the Soul Contracts, energetic structures and cellular memories to clear out the root causes of the limitations (whether physical, mental or emotional) that are being experienced.

As the individual expands this language is used to facilitate an energetic invitation to allow the embodiment of Self Love and Joy, and the awakening of Soul wisdom and confidence. The facilitation also activates dormant potentials and higher desires, bringing the individual a clear sense of purpose and direction.

We also use this language to cultivate the fertile conditions for integration to begin. Allowing the more transformative energies and expansions to ground in and take hold. 

Lastly, we do use this language to bring in information, words of wisdom and encouragement, spoken in Light Language so it goes deep into the heart and then translated into English for the intellectual mind to understand.